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Aiman Khan Full Information, Family and Relationships

Aiman ​​Khan is a model and actor in Pakistan. Aiman started his showbiz career completely with opportunities at a very young age. Cute Aiman ​​Khan was so young at the time that managing commerce was nothing more than fun and games. After being a part of many years’ projects, Aiman ​​Khancareer began at a very young age to play leading roles in the drama. Cutey was a chubby kid who grew up to be a beautiful woman. Aiman Khan got so much love from people that his name alone could sell dramas.

joining the industry:

Aiman khan touches the industry at an early age, he learned as he was in business. It was also difficult to translate his work into lessons. Although this was not Aiman’s prepared work, however it did require a lot of commitment. Her reputation on social media has influenced his success as an actor. Following her social media helps her find quality projects.

Aiman Khan Age

Aiman ​​was born on November 22, 1998. He is 21 years old. He is one of the most recently introduced actors in the industry.

Aiman Khan and Minal Khan

Aiman ​​Khan and Minal Khan are twin sisters. They became associated with the showbiz industry since they were young and these two older sisters have literally grown up in front of viewers’ eyes. Their first project was together and so long, they worked together. I am the only female identical twin in the Pakistan entertainment industry. When they were young, both used to do the same tasks. When one of them used to get tired, the other one took it from there. So, for them, all of this was about collaboration from the beginning.

Aiman ​​and Mainal don’t have to work in a studio together but work on multiple models as a team. Sky Aiman ​​and Minal often do chats together, their communication channels filled with photos when they seem to have a great time and most importantly they have always been protective of each other.

Aiman Khan Family

He has a balanced family set up and his family descends on Karachi. Aiman’s father is in the Pakistani police force. She has a twin sister, Minal Khan who is also a journalist. Aiman ​​has three younger brothers. Aiman ​​and Minal are both equally famous and a good part of their characters is that even with all this fame, they are underground.

He married Muneeb Butt in November 2018. Aiman Khan ​​and Muneeb had a daughter together, her name was Amal Muneeb. Aiman ​​feels that the only way to get married is that you are no longer with your family, your house, your house, your comfort zone. You believe that no matter how much love you have from your son-in-law, it will never be the same as the love you receive in your family.

Aiman ​​participated in the discussion that every evening after the wedding she used to remember home with her family that her husband took her to her house every day. The fact that Aiman’s house was within walking distance of her new home has definitely helped.

His mother tells him to focus on his new home after getting married. Her husband, however, has always been very supportive and it is easy for her to provide her mother’s home as she wants. Aiman ​​feels that even after marriage, he is responsible for both houses.


Since Aiman Khan ​​became a mother, her responsibilities have grown. Before giving birth to her daughter, Aiman ​​thought that after the wedding, Aiman Khan had more time to give to her family. Before working due to the odd working hours, he had no time to spend with his family. Both of his families have always been his equal.

Aiman Khan’s bond with his father is friendly. According to him, he is like a son to his father. While they are very much in love, they argue again whenever there is a conflict of interest. These conflicts never get in the way of mutual empathy. His father confides in him as a friend and they will always make sure they don’t stay angry for long.

Aiman Khan Husband

Cute Aiman ​​Khan’s husband Mleeb Butt is also a great actress. Aiman ​​and Minaeb worked together in several games. Muneeb Butt belongs to a wealthy family and unlike other celebrities in Pakistan who have faced financial problems before making it big in the industry.

Muneeb decided to join the industry when suddenly he went to look at a commercial photoshoot. Shehroze Sabzwari had just toured the industry and Muneeb went to look at her marketing bud. Looking at how celebrities are treated, he decides that this is what he wants to do in life and that is where the struggle begins.

Muneeb Butt has only one younger sister. Muneeb is very close to his mother. According to Muneeb, her mother is a really simple housewife. Moweb is a smart guy who fell in love with Aiman ​​because of his personality and not just his looks. He is always really ready for his age, the quality and Aiman ​​he loves.

Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt

The love story of Aiman ​​Khan and Muneeb Butt is the most intriguing story among celeb lovers. And they’re one of the youngest celebrities to get married. Aiman ​​Khan and Muneeb Butt have a huge age gap so the first time they met Aiman ​​he was so young that Muneeb Butt adopted him as his younger sister. You thought that one day you would marry him. They had a high group of friends and, therefore, had many happy moments together.

Often Aiman ​​Khan andoveb Butt started talking more than ever. He tells jokes the other day that he really wants to get married. When Muneeb asks who he wants to marry, he replies by wanting to marry her. He said in an interview that these were just jokes that started something big between them. Then Aiman ​​Khan and Muneeb Butt started thinking about marriage. For the longest time even Mini Khan had no idea that Aiman ​​and Muneeb were in love. Later, when she learned the truth, she supported them in every possible way.

After a couple of years of marriage, Aiman Khan now says that the one Muneeb Butt habit that annoys him is that he doesn’t keep the room clean. Aiman, on the other hand, is really important about keeping the room and surroundings clean. The good thing about them still is that they are both good friends. That is one thing that keeps them together before now and it is a wonderful thing about their relationship.

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