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Colonel’s wife , Kornel Ki Biwi, Misbehave with Police man

Kornel Ki Biwi, Colonel’s wife’s behavior in Pakistan grew to become a disgrace for the military. The Colonel’s wife, on checking the policemen’s automotive, referred to like them very weak and threw away the check post barrier. The Pakistani military chief has ordered an inquiry after criticism from throughout.

First today, a rogue woman claiming to be a ‘Karnal ki biwi’, Kornel Ki Biwi, creates a drama on the Hazara Motorway in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Kornel woman could be seen pushing her way out of a block, as the police had the direction of not allowing anyone to move.cornel ki biwi

The woman manhandled the security apparatus and forced the person with her to drive away after a 5-minute debate. The woman misbehaved with on-duty police officers, claiming that she was above love.

Now, as per anchorperson Gharida Farooqui, COAS has taken notice of the incident and has asked a report and action as per rules. This incident, once again proves that bad sheep are present everywhere. Kornel Ki Biwi, While our jawaans protect the borders, some people are hellbent on giving them a bad name.

Gharidah Farooqi


حاضر سروس آرمی آفیسر کی بیگم کی  بدسلوکی کی ویڈیو۔ چیف آف آرمی سٹاف جنرل قمر باجوہ نے واقعے کا فوری سخت نوٹس لے لیا! متعلقہ آفیسر کیخلاف فوراً ادارہ جاتی ضابطے کی کاروائی کا آغاز۔

بہت خوب

یہ ویڈیو سوشل میڈیا پر گردش میں ہے۔


Ovais Jafar@ovaisjafar

So this video of a #ColonelKiBiwi, Kornel Ki Biwi,  has been doing the rounds on social media… I was wondering whether to blur the lady’s face out of respect, then realized that the video was shot & released by a law enforcement official… any anger maybe please directed at them not me.

Islamabad Policeman:

The Pakistani military’s black exploits used to come back in the entrance of the entire world, however now the video of Bibi of a military officer is sharing fiercely on social media. The lady, who described herself because the wife of a Pakistani Army colonel, on the Hazara Motorway for investigation after the police post barrier.

After the ruckus with the policemen, the Pakistani Colonel’s wife, Kornel Ki Biwi, left together with her automotive. It is seen within Colonel’s wife additionally refer to like the policemen fairly inauspicious. It is instructing that at 5 pm on Wednesday, Colonel’s wife and a younger man (in all probability son) have been going from Mehshera to Sharkari by automotive. Meanwhile, the policemen stopped the motion of automobiles for some motive.

After stopping his automotive, the Colonel’s wife grew to become unhealthy. He mentioned {that a} Subedar obtained a lot assist that he ought to contact a Colonel’s wife. After this video went viral, the Pakistan Army Chief has taken instant motion and directed disciplinary motion towards the Colonel.

Kornel Ki Biwi:

Above all, This work of Pakistani Kornel Ki Biwi began to change into the highest development in the entire world. On social media, individuals strongly criticized the conduct of the lady. Sameena E mentioned that the Colonel’s wife’s conduct was very proud. They ought to punish for this lewd conduct with the policemen doing obligation. ‘ Another person wrote, ‘The mentality of considering your self as massive ought to be over. A soldier ought to behave like a soldier and never consider himself as God.

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