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Corona Baji

Corona Baji Voice Over For COVID-19 Message

You must have heard the caller tune in which a lady, Corona Baji gives instructions to stay safe from coronavirus. This message is for the awareness of people.

 Pakistani doesn’t have access to social media that’s why the govr decided to record a caller tune to share the message far and wide.

But do you know who is the voice after this report? Well, meet Tayyaba Sehar, a voiceover artist and banker by profession.

In an interview, she shared answer she got on this voiceover, “The most famous among them are ‘Corona Baji’ and ‘Corona Wali Baji’. The response I have received is mostly positive.”

We have all heard the COVID-19 caller tune in which a wife is giving directions to us on how to stay safe during the pandemic. The message has been voiced by Syed Tayyaba Sehar, Corona Baji a banker and voiceover artist.

“We recorded the caller tune because many people in Pakistan don’t have access to social media or television,” she said on SAMAA TV‘s programme Naya Din on Saturday.

These guidelines are important for self-protection, she remarks, adding that she has been following them herself too.

Corona Baji:

Sehar, a proud wife and mother, started calling her a lot of names because of the message. The answer I have taken is mostly positive,” she added.

She shared that many of her friends whom she had lost contact with have called her to ask if that’s her voice on the caller tune.

The Karachi-resident has been doing voiceovers for 10 years now. She has even voiced Liona’s character from the Paddlepop series for an ice cream brand.

“I understand that some people may find it irritating to hear the same message over and over again but they should understand important,”.

Tayyaba Sehar, Corona Baji is a famous voiceover artist working in this field for ten years. She has worked with many brands as well as banks as a voice-over artist.

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