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Madiha abid ali

Madiha Abid Ali 16 Year Boy Pretending TV Anchor

Madiha Abid Ali-With the influence of technology and digital platforms, life has become both enjoyable yet risky. The emergence of cyber crimes is growing and there are many situations when people tend to get in serious trouble because of it. As a whole, there are both merits and demerits of social media platforms. A similar bizarre situation occurred in Lahore, Pakistan too.

Pakistani school boy involved in cybercriminal activities

Madiha Abid Ali is an anchorperson of Pakistan. Sadly, her name was used in quite a terrible scam and she didn’t even know about it. A 16-year-old boy suspiciously had made a fake account of the anchorperson and used it to extort money from a lot of people. Not only did the boy make one account. Instead, he had managed to make several accounts on social media and digital media platforms. Extorting money and deceiving a number of innocent citizens in doing so.

Madiha Abid Ali

Source: Facebook

The story didn’t stop there of Madiha Abid Ali. No, the boy also managed to make sure that Madiha’s social life also distorted and in shambles.  The journalist filed a complaint in FIA to the cybercrime reporting center (CRCC) Lahore region. Hence, all accounts were ceased and the person who was impersonating to be Madiha, herself is now caught red-handed.

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Madiha Abid Ali handled it like a queen

However, we do applaud Madiha, on her stance of not further exposing this 16-year-old criminal. She states that she wants the kid the have a safe education and hopes that maybe if he actually studies law, the chances of him ending up in a bad place are minimal. There is also a chance, that he might learn the consequences and the wrongdoings of cybercriminals.

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