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Yumna Zaidi

Yumna Zaidi – Complete Details, Age, and , Relations

Yumna Zaidi is an amazing actress who is known for playing challenging roles. Even at a young age, Yumna Zaidi opted to play roles that were character-driven. She is known for her strong portrayals just as much as she is for the wisdom with which she accepts her projects.

The Yumna Zaidi Date of Birth

Yumna was born on July 30, 1989, she is 30 years old.

Yumna Zaidi Higher Educations

She did her Masters from Home Economics College of Lahore. Soon after doing her Masters, she moved with her family to the US.

Yumna Zaidi Family

She has two older sisters and a younger brother. Her father Zameendar Zaidi recently passed away. Yumna is born in Karachi but she is brought up mostly in Arif Wala. Later on, she moved to Lahore for further studies. Her family has been exceptionally supportive throughout her entire career. also, All her family and relatives sit down to watch her dramas and they always appreciate her work.

Yumna’s siblings in particular make her feel like she is the best actress in Pakistan. This support that she gets from her family gives her the encouragement she needs to keep on working hard.Yumna Zaidi Family

Yumna Zaidi Father

Her name is Zameendar Zaidi. He passed away due to a heart attack in 2019 during Ramazan. She shared a special bond with her father. She announced the sad demise of her father in an emotional Instagram post.Yumna zaidi father


above all, the mother name is Shabana Naheed Zaidi. She is really active on social media and uses the platform to spread awareness about religion. Also, Read Aiman Khan Full Information, Family and Relationships

Husband of Yumna

Yumna zaidi isn’t yet married although her mother wants her to settle down now. The reason for this is that Yumna has a certain ideal and she has not found that person yet. She made it quite clear that hers will be an arranged marriage but she wants certain qualities in her husband.

Yumna thinks that she has a dominating and controlling personality. Therefore, she would much rather marry someone who has a strong personality. She wants her husband to be the one dominating the relationship and she has not found someone like that yet.yumna zaidi hot pic

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